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Comprehensive Secret Shop

Help your online sales team improve with end-to-end secret shops.

With over 30% of your business originating from Online Sales, you can’t afford not to shop your team.

Our comprehensive secret shop will show you the customer journey from the customer’s perspective. We have field tested this online shop with hundreds of Online Sales Specialists over the past 10 years. What was previously only available to Do You Convert clients is now offered to the public. We have partnered with Clear Evaluations to develop the industry standard in secret shops for Online Sales Specialists.

We have developed the most comprehensive shop that tracks the homebuyer journey from lead submission to appointment creation.

  • Online Lead is submitted from website with full contact info and questions/comments
  • We monitor email, phone and text follow up for 30 days
  • A trained secret shopper will call in and the phone call is recorded
  • We track the appointment setting and handoff process
  • All communication is documented and a comprehensive score is provided

Performance metrics measured

We have created an objective scoring system that allows you to monitor performance and provide direct feedback to your team.

  • Speed of response
  • Quality of communication
  • Quantity of follow-up
  • Phone call performance
  • Appointment setting
  • Online to Onsite transition

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