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Employee Engagement

Motivated, Empowered Employees Will Better Serve Your Customers

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Employees are the backbone of any business and, especially in retail, serve on the frontlines of the customer experience. Seeking out the opinions and suggestions of your employees is essential to sustaining a happy and productive workplace.

Clear Evaluations’ Employee Engagement Surveys are designed to capture real-time trends in employee behavior and give managers insight on what employees not only want — but what they need in order to succeed. Providing a safe, anonymous space for honest feedback allows employees’ voices to be heard. This is important not only to let individual staff members know that their views are respected; ultimately, it is a crucial strategy in building a better teamwork for your company.

Our services will provide the necessary tools to enable managers to understand what is needed to foster a healthy and productive workplace — which will have the side benefit of limiting costly turnover.

Frontline personnel are the best positioned to report on customer experiences and offer usable direction regarding company policies. They are the ones dealing with the customer one-on-one; they know firsthand why a purchase was not made and they hear both the complaints and compliments customers share. One of the easiest ways to enhance employee performance is to welcome — and respect — their feedback. This will also enhance the methodology of efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

By asking the right questions — and having the right tools to measure the answers — Clear Evaluations can help any management team build a strategic system that improves employee engagement, enhances performance, and increases customer retention.

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