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Video Shopping Pros Certification workshops!


These full day workshops cover everything there is to know about video shopping. Clear Evaluations highly recommends live one-on-one training.

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2016 Workshop schedule:

March 8th – Colorado Springs

May 2 – Dallas, TX

May 5 – Dallas, TX (Advanced Training)

June 26 – Phoenix, AZ (At the IMSC Anniversary Celebration)

July 12 – Philadelphia, PA

September 13 – Chicago, IL

November 6 – Las Vegas, NV (Advanced Training at the IMSC)



Here’s what our Shoppers have to say…

Out of all the companies I work for- ya'll are the Best! Your patience, your communication skills, your training, your accommodating my needs, care & genuine personal touch- makes Kathy & Leslie far exceed all other companies and their employees.

-Mary Taggart

March 30, 2015