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Get Ahead of the Competition


Competitive analysis is the key to success in any business. To develop effective strategies, management needs an unbiased appraisal of how their sales force measures up against the competition. Even with expert sales professionals, analyzing the competition is a crucial tool for sustained growth and long-term success.

To make the most informed strategic decisions, you need to quickly evaluate your competitors’:

  • Incentives
  • Sales strategies
  • Warranty programs
  • Financing options
  • Quality of products
  • Levels of service provided
  • Key competitive advantage
  • Company culture & atmosphere

Clear Evaluations makes performing a thorough competitive analysis easy and impartial. Our tactful, observant and highly analytical mystery shoppers will help you quickly evaluate competitors and adjust your strategies to any threats, challenges, or opportunities identified while shopping at your competitor’s location.

You have to respond to new and changing competition quickly when they present themselves. Clear Evaluations has sufficient capacity of mystery shoppers to provide a quick response and get the competitive intelligence you need in a timely manner. Our highly experienced and certified shoppers deliver insightful knowledge in the most comprehensive, easy-to-use reports in the industry.

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