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Customer Experience

Understand What Your Customers Think of You,
Then Help Them Think Better


Also known as customer satisfaction surveys, customer experience (CX) surveys are increasingly recognized as vital to understanding your customers’ journey — identifying what drives their purchasing decisions and how they will become loyal to your brand.

A shrewd, professionally designed CX survey captures the emotions inspired by your brand, product, or service at various touchpoints during the consumer process. With this data, purchasing patterns and predictions about future customer behavior can be better understood. This, in turn, will aid in creating action plans that will strengthen the consistency of your product and improve your customers’ experiences.

Clear Evaluations provides the latest technological tools to gather customer feedback. We can collect real-time opinions through a variety of means — SMS text, QR code, online, email, app integration, and chat transcripts — that will empower your management team to take immediate action regarding customer-experience issues. This will increase the probability of inspiring lasting loyalty from customers.

Monitoring results — and getting the appropriate information to the right person — is easier than ever with Clear Evaluations’ CX Management platform. This cutting-edge tool allows you to:

  • Track progress against a wide variety of key metrics.
  • Generate comprehensive reports by region, district, and individual locations.
  • Assign action plans and create alerts based on the roles of specific users.
  • Access user-customized dashboard views.
  • Create summary reports with auto-delivery options.

Mystery shopping and customer experience management efforts are most effective when working in tandem. CX results can drive mystery shopping scenarios that will probe deeper into issues highlighted in CX surveys and, when used side-by-side with mystery shopping results, better enable managers to gain insight on overall trends.

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