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Performance Reviews with Irrefutable Evidence


One of the most difficult issues with mystery shopping services is the subjective nature of the performance review. Employees may dispute the customer interaction or the conclusions drawn by the mystery shopper. With video shopping services, management and employees are presented hidden-camera video of the customer interaction that verifies the conclusions and provides a more complete resource of actionable data to improve performance and closing ratios.

This video evidence removes concerns about subjectivity and provides a more comprehensive understanding of employee performance. The video also enables management to review the mystery shopper’s performance and have complete transparency about customer interaction. Employees embrace this method as a transparent and unbiased tool to assess and improve their performance.

Much like how an athlete reviews video of their performance after a game, video shopping allows management to precisely evaluate how their team is performing. This tool is vital to understanding whether a sales team is asking the right questions, following protocol and representing the brand appropriately. Additionally, these videos can be important assets when evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s training system and incentive programs.

Clear Evaluations is the premier video shopping solution provider, delivering the highest quality video shops in the industry. Our professional video shoppers are highly experienced and certified in each industry we serve. They wear concealed video recording equipment while physically visiting the business and engaging with the sales team as a regular customer. The entire interaction, both the mystery shopper and business representatives, are captured on video for review after the visit.

Determining how one measures performance is a critical step in any mystery shopping program. Clear Evaluations has the experience and expertise to design a unique scorecard focused on your brand’s sales strategy and industry best practices. Once complete, the video recording and scorecard are available 24/7 through our online portal. Clear Evaluations uses the leading mystery shopper reporting system and we have a reputation for delivering the most comprehensive, easy-to-use reports in the industry.

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