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9 vs. 16

Americans tell an average of 9 people
about good experiences, and tell 16
(nearly two times more) people about
poor experiences.


91% of unhappy customers will not
willingly do business with you again.


In 2011, 86% of consumers quit doing
business with a company because of a
bad customer experience

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Home Builders

Mystery Shopping Services

Evaluating new home consultants requires an understanding of the field, well-trained mystery shoppers, and a large enough pool of them to ensure two things: that the right shopper for the community is utilized and that individual shoppers are not recognizable. This sector can be one of the most challenging for a mystery shopping operation, but the fact is getting the perspective of potential homebuyers is crucial to improving your business.

Clear Evaluations can provide quality new home shoppers who are experienced in the advanced techniques we have developed. These include a personal evaluation system that our analysts use to score each shop, and follow-up tracking.

A successful new home shopping operation requires this kind of proven method and a skilled team trained to carry it out. We were founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs who already had over a decade of experience managing home builder shopping programs and this sector remains our prime focus. Our long-term clients include Lennar, D. R. Horton, and K. Hovnanian.

To build a strategic training program it is vital to create a consistent grading process. Clear Evaluations will assign an Evaluation Analyst to your account who will review each video shop and complete the project’s unique scorecard. Our reporting system produces the most comprehensive, easy-to-use reports in the industry.

Following up with potential buyers is, of course, a critical step in the sales process. Our undercover video shoppers will use a unique alias name, email address, and phone number for each individual shop and we’ll provide you with the recorded phone messages and emails received.

If you are interested in how your sales team responds to online leads, Clear Evaluations has partnered with Do You Convert to develop the industry standard for Online Sales Specialists mystery shops. With 30 percent of the sector’s business now originating from online sales, you can’t afford to not shop your team.

So, whether you are introducing a new training program or have a seasoned team to appraise, Clear Evaluations understands your situation and can provide optimum results.

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Our mystery shopping services

Mystery shopping is a proven field-based research technique for strengthening the customer experience you are ultimately selling. At Clear Evaluations, we can offer a variety of nationwide services — including:

These shops will strengthen the core of your business, which is ultimately customer service.

Extension of services coverage

With our help, you will experience the viewpoint of your guests. This can include everything from check-in at a hotel, experience with a masseur, interaction with waitstaff, or a day at an amusement park. Any hospitality industry customer activity that can make a good impression — or leave a bad taste in the mouth — can be observed and analyzed.

We will provide you with an unbiased evaluation of how your staff responds to patrons.

This will give you the necessary data and perspective to improve your services — and therefore the product you are responsible for in a competitive marketplace.

Professional performance measurement is a vital tool for any effective training program. Clear Evaluations has the expertise to create unique surveys that will help you focus on your brand strategy. Ultimately it will help you adopt best practices for your industry. We deliver comprehensive, easy-to-use trending reports that organizations use to better serve their customer base.