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Improving the Customer Experience Online


Today’s globally connected online community has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. Whether you have an inside sales team or a tech-savvy, web-based customer service team handling online inquiries, evaluating online customer service is increasingly critical to the success of a modern business.

Virtual presentations have become a popular way to interact with buyers in many industries. The housing industry has always offered a “virtual tour”, however in 2020 the transition from physical meetings to virtual required businesses to rethink presentation techniques. Training programs have evolved to include virtual presentations and it’s important to evaluate performance with this innovative way of connecting with today’s buyer.

When it comes to online responsiveness, the speed and quality of your business’s online response will dictate whether your customer chooses you or the competition. Instantaneous results are expected, and your clients are going online to get them. Businesses must provide excellent online service that advocates for the product’s value and provides superior customer service, all delivered with an excellent user experience.

Online shops from Clear Evaluations can help you answer important questions about how your website functions from a customer standpoint. Who answers when your prospects or potential customers initiate a ‘Live Chat’ or submit an online request form on your website? What is the response time? Do they provide accurate information and follow the etiquette guidelines you’ve established?

In a fast-moving online marketplace, you can be assured Clear Evaluations has sufficient, professionally trained and certified, mystery shoppers to quickly produce online shopping evaluations so your business doesn’t suffer from an ill-functioning online experience. Our online shoppers deliver video and audio of virtual presentations as well as some of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use reports in the industry via our web-based reporting system.

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