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The Perfect Pitch


For some products, sales are not closed immediately after the pitch and following up is a crucial step in the process. If your sales team doesn’t follow up, an otherwise perfect pitch may be lost. Whether its a search for a new home, apartment, product or service, follow-up evaluations help ensure that sales staff are performing beyond the initial pitch.

Mystery shoppers proceed through the initial pitch to evaluate the effectiveness of a salesperson, and provide unique contact information to document the follow-up process. It is important to verify that sales staff are following up on leads in a timely manner, addressing objections in a thoughtful / effective way, and maintaining company culture / professionalism.

Follow-up add-ons from Clear Evaluations can help ensure your sales team is taking every opportunity to reach out to prospective buyers. Our web-based reporting system allows management to personally review employee voicemails and emails on a unique scorecard designed specifically for your product or service.

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