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Become A Sales Enthusiast

When I evaluate a salesperson’s performance I become a virtual participant, much like a die-hard sports fan on Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I’m a cheerleader; sometimes I’m the coach, and more often than not, I’m a little overzealous.  Case in point:  While watching a new home video shop my family once thought our youngest had mastered the potty when I shouted, “Yes!  She DID it!  I’m so PROUD of her!”  You could’ve cut the disappointment with a knife when they realized a sale had been closed.  And the kids still remind me that I “nearly killed Daddy,” when I scared him out of a deep sleep screaming, “No!  You did NOT send her in there alone!” referring to a model home tour gone wrong.

When people are passionate about their work, it shows!

The new home sales industry employs some of the most passionate people in any field.  I watch video shops every day, and within 60 seconds, can pin point the men and women who are destined for greatness in the new home sales industry.  Their smiles are contagious; their energy and excitement as natural as breathing.  These are what I call sales enthusiasts whose love for what they do shows in every aspect of their interaction with the client.

What Sales Enthusiasts Know

Sales enthusiasts know people won’t buy from someone they can’t trust, so establishing rapport is the first order of business.  They begin by developing a connection with their buyers.  People are most comfortable talking about themselves so asking general questions about them, their families, where they’re from, or what they enjoy doing in their spare time serves as an excellent ice breaker and shows interest in the customer while gaining useful information.

Sales enthusiasts know that after the initial rapport-building portion of the visit, it’s time to ask some open-ended questions about the customer’s wants and requirements, then engage them in a conversation.  This discussion helps determine which product will best fit their needs.

Sales enthusiasts know the significance of a well-prepared, persuasive presentation that incorporates vital details, such as these, that are often overlooked:

Focus on the Builder:  Provide an overview of the builder, including history, experience, and why they are better than the competition.

Use of Interactive Sales Tools:  Many new home sales centers are now equipped with innovative sales tools that enhance the presentation.  Sales enthusiasts take advantage of this technology to bring floor plans, community features and amenities to life, and to confirm One-of-a-Kind.

Recognize Buying Signals:  Buying signals are hints from the buyer that he or she is interested in purchasing.  Most of these signals are given periodically throughout the presentation, usually in the form of questions or comments, but some buyers give subtle, non-verbal signals that can be easily missed, like smiling when a feature is mentioned or leaning forward during negotiations.  Sales enthusiasts know how to read their buyer.

Questioning and Narrowing:  Too many salespeople simply “give up” when a customer indicates he wants to think for a few days before signing a purchase agreement.  A sales enthusiast knows if they ask enough questions about the objection, the buyer may reveal the reason for his hesitation.  The objection may then be overcome and the sale closed.

If new home sales is your passion, you too can become a sales enthusiast!  Establish rapport, ask open-ended questions, prepare a persuasive presentation and let your enthusiasm shine. Become a sales enthusiast! Learn how to acquire and retain your great clientele.

There’s a place for you at the top!

Until next time,